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Our Philosophy

Here at 822 Main Property Management, we strive to provide the highest quality service to both our owners and residents. We offer a full service management company that makes owning investment property profitable and hassle-free. Our goal is to make your investment as lucrative as possible, thereby increasing your desire to expand your portfolio.

We desire to provide you, our clients and potential clients, with the best possible service. Please take a moment to find out more about 822 Main and how we can help you with your investment property needs. You can also view our latest available properties, find contact information, as well as fill out an online application.


Even with all these “measures” in place, there will still be expenses you may not have thought of prior to purchasing investment property. At 822 Main Property Management, we can put together a “budget” or financial analysis for your property or potential property. This will help you to understand every aspect of investment property ownership.

Also, we have in place many procedures to make your ownership as profitable as possible:

  • No upfront charges – we only get paid if you acquire a tenant.
  • Our commission is retained only if rent is collected – not on potential rents.
  • No up-charge on maintenance supplies.
  • A reasonable hourly charge for our maintenance staff.

Therefore, you can realize how important it is for 822 Main Property Management to put the right tenant in the right property – the first time – as soon as possible!

We strive for quality tenants because we don’t get paid unless you do. We work to keep your profit as high as possible. If you are satisfied with our service, we hope you will consider expanding your investment property portfolio and/or refer us to your friends and acquaintances.

Owner Responsibilities

Even with all this in place, there is still risk in investment property ownership and we ask all of our owners to be aware of this. Owners should be aware not everyone has similar life and living styles. Tenants, even good ones, can and will cause, at a minimum, normal wear and tear and at times above normal wear and tear. We do quarterly property inspections to help deter any problems with the units. Should we discover problems with your unit, we will put into place our procedures for dealing with these which include notifying tenants of specific problems, repairing or replacing damages and billing tenant for any necessary charges.

One thing to keep in mind, it is almost always necessary after a one year lease to shampoo carpets, repaint (usually walls only), clean and maintain (change bulbs, locks). It is true, some items, damages, etc., are the tenant’s responsibility, but as an owner, it is imperative that you are aware there are additional expenses above the mortgage payments, taxes, insurance, and management fees.

We have an on-site, hourly maintenance staff capable of handling most all maintenance needs. We also work closely with our licensed contractors to ensure reasonable rates and quality service on major repairs. We purchase many maintenance and repair supplies at wholesale and do not up-charge for these items.

822 Main Property Management covers every aspect of property management from evaluating the potential of your investment to daily oversight. We provide a full range of advertising, comprehensive applicant screening, qualified maintenance staff, accounting, and more to ensure your property is operating as efficiently as possible.

When problems do arise, we have measures in place to resolve issues as quickly and as cost efficiently as possible. We handle late notices, eviction letters, court filings, removal of personal property, final walk-through charges, preparing units for new tenants, and collections.

The owner, Mary Gonda-Chandler, has been a licensed real estate agent for over two decades and carries her Broker’s License in Kentucky and South Carolina thus giving her the resources needed to stay abreast of investment and market trends and upcoming investment opportunities.

The Final Key to Investment Property

One last, but very important aspect of investment property ownership is residents. At 822 Main Property Management we keep your involvement with residents as minimal as possible, keeping you from dealing with minor concerns and overcoming a personal relationship when problems arise. Even though we are the “wall” between owners and tenants, we do expect our owners to fully understand the importance of our residents. They have choices – many choices. They expect clean and safe surroundings. They expect 24 hour emergency maintenance. They expect property that is kept up and maintained – yards, exterior lights, water leaks, damage, heat and air repairs, response to neighbor control, flexibility with leases, ease of move-in/move-out, and much more. Even though, as an owner, we do not expect or even desire for you to deal with these day to day issues, we do require our owners to agree to maintain a level of quality with their properties consistent with our standards at 822 Main Property Management.

We hope you will consider 822 Main Property Management as your full service investment property management company.

We strive to provide the highest quality service to both our owners and residents. Our goal is to make you investment as lucrative as possible, thereby increasing you desire to expand your portfolio.

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